Jan & Tom Wightman, as true craftsmen, have the ability to melt down your own gold and create a new and exciting piece.We will produce a selection of designs for you to choose from, melt up your gold and then re-work it by hand into the new chosen item.

Below are some of the projects we have done for clients.


This client came to us with an open mind, wanting something unusual made from her pearl drops and Diamond stud earrings. She loved the pearls, but felt she wanted to add some colour and make them stand out as being different. Talking through the different ideas with her, it became apparent that she liked quirky designs and things that go together, but don’t necessarily match!

With this as a starting point we produced some designs which incorporated different colours, types and shapes of stones with her pearls hanging below them. We sourced a selection of stones for her to view, along with the designs. The preferred design and selected stones were chosen and we then laid them out as they would be in the earrings for her to approve.

 The client popped in to see the earrings whilst in progress. Excitement mounted – she loved them already!  The resulting earrings are quirky, unique and beautiful. She has since sent us an email which includes the following statement:

‘Thank you so much for the design and make of my beautiful earrings. They are unusual and lovely and I’m very happy with them!
I’ve worn them this evening in Tokyo and have thoroughly enjoyed it!
The whole process was most enjoyable and I can only thank you for making it so. I look forward to another project’

Helen Wilson re-done 2015 copy


This client came to us with two Diamond solitaire rings she had inherited from her Mother and Grandmother and wanted to combine them with her own Diamond ring. She wanted a pendant and earring set that she could ‘wear every day’. She loves our ‘Curl’ and ‘Tendrilia’ designs and chose a simple style. 

She  had a very special request and asked if the stone from her Mother’s ring could be made easily identifiable, as it was to be used in one of the earrings. With careful consideration, we suggested putting a heart motif on the back of the earring. She really loved that idea because of the significance and now knows exactly where the treasured Diamond is, whichever way round she wears the studs! 


This client inherited three of her Grandmother’s rings and although she treasured them, felt she wanted them updated into a more contemporary style and in a white metal. She  contacted us, sending a photo of the rings, to find out if we could transform her stones into the design on our website.

After some tweaking of the original design, to make it more suitable for her stones, she chose the ring from a page of sketches.

The end result was stunning and she is absolutely delighted with it!


 Please call in, phone or email to discuss your own unique restyling project!

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