At JAN & TOM WIGHTMAN we are proud to promote ethical business conduct and ensure all of our materials originate from reliable mining companies,

who are committed to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.  We source these materials from reputable suppliers in the UK.


All of our Diamonds come from suppliers who have signed up to the Kimberley Protocol. This is a joint governmental, industry and civil initiative designed to help stop the

trade in conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) imposes extensive requirements on it’s members to enable them to certify shipments of uncut diamonds

as ‘conflict free.’


We fully support the international standards set to ensure materials we use derive from recognised, audited and approved mining sources.

To maintain our responsibility in this aim, we ensure that all precious metals used by us are supplied by reputable organisations that fully support these objectives.

Where possible, we use re-cycled gold, thereby lowering the environmental impact in the creation of our work.

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