The Wedding Ring – A Symbol of Love for Millennia.

Wedding rings have been given for millennia and some of their original symbolism remains today. Historically a wedding ring was a closed circle, which signifies continuity and denotes that the ring is a sign of authority, rather than just being ornamental. The ring finger was not always on the left hand, in fact at certain times in the past it wasn’t worn on the hand! Although the ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians and Babylonians often wore their wedding band on the third finger of the right hand and it was not uncommon for them to hang the ring from their necks. During the Middle Ages it became the practice to wear a wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand, as it was said that this finger was in a direct line with the heart. This tradition remains today in many cultures.

Many different styles of ring have been popular over time, but one thing has remained constant; the perpetual loop. Although this is a simple idea the loop has been produced in a wide array of different and unique designs, as in the following examples. A traditional Irish style of ring is the Claddagh love ring. This ring features two hands holding a heart symbolising a couple’s love. In Italy a similar style of ring, known as the ‘Ricordini’, was worn by lovers on the little toe of their left foot! In ancient Greek and Roman culture the ‘snake’ ring was very popular. A Jewish engagement ring commonly found in the 13th century was shaped like a little house. This symbolised the future of the couple and its roof was inscribed with the Hebrew words for ‘lucky star’.

Customs and Folklore
Many myths and superstitions have been associated with wedding rings. One tale refers to how easily the ring goes on at the wedding ceremony. It was said that if the ring stops before the second joint when being put on by the husband, then the woman will dominate the household. If it slips down on to the finger easily, then the man will be in charge. Many astute women would bend their ring finger so that the ring would catch on the second joint!

Modern Wedding Rings, Design and Shape
Today a wedding ring can be made in infinite styles, from plain bands to a shaped rings set with precious stones. We can design and create any of these styles for you and our specialty is the fitted wedding ring. We create rings in Platinum, 22 carat, 18 carat or 9 carat  gold. As Designers and Goldsmiths, we can produce Bespoke engagement and wedding rings especially for you, creating your own unique entry into the history of the wedding ring.

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