Family Crests or Coat of Arms

Heraldry stems from European history and is still very much alive today, mainly in Europe but also on other Continents.

Heraldry began with migrating and colonizing Europeans introducing it as a means of identification, mostly for warriors on the battlefield in the form of shields. This eventually developed into seals, used to authenticate documents and the use of armorial devices. It then started to spread to bodies such as municipal governments, craft guilds and the church. These arms gradually became hereditary and it was customary to display armorial bearings. No longer used on the battlefield, they became rooted in the tradition and culture of Europe.

In modern times, European monarchies and republics still use coats of arms in heraldic tradition. Thousands of civic arms prove that heraldic awareness continues to survive and is becoming more popular.

Today this tradition generally takes the form of a signet style ring, carved or engraved with the family crest/coat of arms. This can be hand carved in the true reversed fashion for imprinting a wax seal, or engraved as “eyes only”, which can be easily read.

The right to arms is not a privilege given to any particular group, but it is wise to remember that a coat of arms is the property of its bearer and a similar name doesn’t necessarily mean proof of a genealogical connection. Anyone who wants to wear or display armorial bearings should contact the official heraldic institution, to check that their name has the correct heraldic connections.

As can be seen from the photographs above, we make signet rings carved with Family Coat of Arms or Crests. We can also put Crests on to tie pins, cuff links, dress buttons or even bangles.

These items can be made in 9 carat, 18 carat gold,  platinum, or a seal can be cut onto a stone, such as Agate or Sardonyx, Bloodstone and  Lapis Lazuli. Each piece is individually and expertly hand carved  by one of the country’s finest Seal Cutters, who exclusively cuts only seals and crests. 

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