You’ll want to keep your jewellery looking as beautiful as the day you received it.
These articles give you helpful hints and tips on keeping your jewellery looking good, with advice on repairs and storage.


Avoid salt water and harsh chemicals, which can cause damage, particularly to pearls, opals and softer stones.

When not being worn, keep the jewellery stored in it’s original box or a soft protective bag, keeping pieces apart so that they don’t tangle or rub together.

Always protect your jewellery from sharp blows and  scratching. Beware of some door handles too! Avoid wearing jewellery when cleaning, gardening or taking part in sports activites. Also, avoid swimming in your jewellery, as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage.

Regaining that special sparkle isn’t as difficult as it may seem!
Follow these simple steps from Jan & Tom Wightman Goldsmiths and it will show how cleaning your jewellery can give it that extra sparkle.

This method of jewellery cleaning SHOULD NOT BE USED for jewellery set with Opals, Turquoise, Pearls, Coral or any other ‘porous’ stone or foil backed pastes, as this method may cause damage.

Step 1
Fill a small dish with hot (not boiling) water and a squirt of washing up liquid.
It is important to check that all stones are secure in their settings and that there are no missing claws before you begin.

Step 2
Soak the jewellery for 30 minutes to an hour.
This should soften any hardened grease or soap particles trapped under the settings.

Step 3
Refill the dish with more hot water and a spot of washing up liquid.
Then with a small soft toothbrush gently work inside and around the settings.
Always work over the dish and preferably not in the sink!
Continue this process until all particles are removed.
Check the article over carefully as you work.
If any stones have come out or loosened seek professional advice to have them replaced.

Step 4
Thoroughly rinse the item with warm water, over the dish as before, and then gently dry with soft tissue.
If the tissue shreds easily it is advisable to have the settings professionally checked over, as this can suggest that the claws are sharp and may be worn.


Gold, platinum and other precious metals, like all other materials in the world, after time will wear away.
It is therefore important that your jewellery is checked every few years to make sure the settings and claws are not excessively worn, as wear can cause the loss of a stone/s. Shanks of rings also wear each other away when worn together and this can be rectified by a qualified goldsmith.
With the correct care, regular checks and if necessary repairs by a trained goldsmith, your jewellery should last a lifetime!


The way that you store your jewellery is very important; it can protect it from damage, and give it as long a life as possible. Ideally each individual piece of jewellery should be kept separately, however this is not always practical.
Gold, platinum and silver are relatively soft metals, so if allowed to knock together in the box or storage area, they will scratch each other and can be scratched by some gemstones.
This is also true for gemstones; the harder gemstones can scratch the softer ones when allowed to knock together; it is important that diamonds should be kept separately.

Chains should be stored apart from one another to avoid tangling.
Thinner close link chains are susceptible to kinking, which may be permanent, so it is especially important to ensure they are stored perfectly flat (or hung) without twists.

Pearls should be kept in a cool dark place and stored in a cloth bag to guard against scratches or damage, it also allows moisture in the air to reach the pearl. They should be stored away from gold or other metal jewellery and beware, perfume and hairspray can cause surface damage too.
The threading should be checked regularly for signs of fraying and stretching.
Seek professional advice if this occurs.

Follow these simple rules and it can help you to keep your jewellery safe and give it as long a life as possible.

Below are some photos of a ring before and after cleaning!

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