Jan & Tom Wightman  create varied styles of  Bespoke hand made  jewellery to suit your requirements and lifestyle.   We can advise with your choice of materials and stones,  if needed, to ultimately achieve your ‘Forever Special’ piece.

We  make the bespoke process simple from start to finish. Whether it is for a special life occasion, personal achievement or simply a well-deserved treat, your satisfaction  is our aim!

All of our Bespoke pieces carry their own story, as in the ones featured below.


Rosemary Parkin article

This client came to us with an extremely difficult predicament. Her wedding, engagement and eternity rings had all been cut off for health reasons. The joints in her fingers had increased in size so much that simply re-sizing the rings was not an option. We talked at length about her requirements and a hinged combined ring was our suggestion. The client’s main priorities were that it was secure, as well as being sparkly and retaining the ‘essence’ of her original rings.

However, before we committed to taking on the project, with all the technical implications of a secure clasp and hinge fitting on a small ring, Tom produced some test pieces of the working parts. It was a challenging, but interesting and worthwhile project, that would test all of his skills acquired over more than thirty three years at the bench!

The client decided that she really wanted a completely new style in Platinum, bold and eye catching was the brief! We produced some sketch designs for a three in one ring with a hinge mechanism and she chose a pretty blue Sapphire from a selection.  

Tom spent many hours making the basic triple ring mount and the size was carefully checked for fit a number of times,  before the more complex task of hand making and fitting the working parts of the hinge and catch began. Finally the clasp was fitted, the ring was then finished and set with the stones.

 The delighted client collected the ring, relieved she could finally wear her rings again! It was a long and complex project, but the resulting ring is stunning, as well as practical. Below is an excerpt from the Thank You card we received.

I have now been wearing my ring for several months and can’t tell you what  pleasure it brings to me and my husband and many others. A great conversation point is that  no one would guess it’s not three separate rings! It causes intense fascination and marveling at the intricate engineering of such an awesome piece. It is just perfect for me and rarely moves from it’s position, as the balance has been so accurately achieved…I enjoy it every day”



 This client had purchased a very special large natural red Spinel with the intention of having an impressive ring made! As we have designed and made some beautiful jewellery for her in the past, she brought the stone in and asked us to design and hand make something that would ‘turn heads’! A challenge we relished.

We produced a number of sketch designs  with the specification of two rows of Diamonds around the stone and another row around the sides of the setting for extra sparkle!

 Tom meticulously laid out the shapes on the ‘raw’ materials and hand made each piece of the mount from sheet and bar, checking the fit and position of the stones at each stage. Then the hand-cutting of the intricate detailing of the ‘back holes’, (to let light into the back of the stones), was done. Finally the mount was assembled and checked for fit on the client’s finger.

The resulting ring is spectacular, showcasing the Spinel at it’s absolute best, as well as the craftsmanship of the mounting. It is indeed a very special and totally unique ring!

                                                                                                                                               A TREASURED PIECE

                                                                                                            Kisses Ring with Fine Diamond in Platinum & 18 carat Rose Gold.

This client was bequeathed a gift of money by her mother and decided to have a beautiful ring Bespoke designed and made that would be a treasured keepsake.

She wanted something different that she wouldn’t see everywhere. This style was chosen from a sheet of sketch designs created especially for her and a selection of beautiful Diamonds. The style was very appropriate, with a ‘kiss’ forming each shoulder.

She saw the process of creating the ring from the chosen design and as it progressed through the various stages. Then finally the stunning finished ring, which we understand gives her so much pleasure every day. We were very pleased to create this beautiful ‘piece of memory’, which means so much to this lovely client. She was so thrilled that she made a beautiful hand stitched silk ‘Thank You’ card especially for us! Below is a section of the email she sent to us regarding the use of her ring pictures.

Hi Jan,

Enjoying my ring? – it is still stunning and worn all day everyday. I can sit and look at it with the same feelings I had when I first saw the finished article, thank you so much for designing and making such a beautiful ring that gives me so much pleasure. I am very proud to wear it.

I am looking forward to seeing your website and of course you can use photos of my ring and card plus the words written – it will be a privilege for me.

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